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Paul Murphy qualified as an Accredited Mediator through the Friarylaw Mediation Training & Professional Accreditation Programme in 2014 and is a member of the Mediators Institute of Ireland. Based in Cork, Paul is available to mediate disputes all over Ireland. He has vast experience in the areas of Construction, Agriculture, Business, Finance and Marketing. Specialising in Civil & Commercial Mediation, he is available to provide mediation services to those who find themselves in dispute with other parties, offering an alternative method of resolving those disputes which is confidential and private and is proven to be much less costly than litigation in terms of fees and time.

Having worked in and with a variety of commercial organisations throughout his extensive career, Paul will combine a personalised approach and his knowledge and experience to resolving your dispute. He is a highly trained and skilled professional, a good communicator, a facilitator and a guide who will help you through the mediation process.

He understands that your dispute is of the greatest importance to you and will bring all his abilities to bear in resolving it for you in a fast and efficient manner.

For a free consultation on the Mediation process and its suitability as a means to resolving your dispute, contact Paul at [email protected] or on 087 2655847

Paul Murphy MII Approved Mediator

 Benefits of mediation 

  • Mediation is usually quick and can take place with short notice.
  • Mediation is flexible and can be adapted to suit different circumstances.
  • Mediation is cost effective, usually much less expensive than litigation.
  • Mediation is focused on finding a solution that is special to the particular dispute.
  • Mediation can lead to better settlements.
  • Mediation is confidential and maintains the privacy of all parties.
  • Mediation as a process of dispute resolution is respectful and voluntary.


This Act came into force from January 2018 and reinforces existing provisions recognising mediation in the Irish Courts. It places the obligation to consider mediation on a statutory footing and requires those involved in litigation to confirm to the Courts that they have considered mediation as means to resolving the dispute that they find themselves involved in.  

There is now a statutory obligation on solicitors to advise clients to consider mediation.  

The Act:

  • introduces an obligation on solicitors and barristers to advise parties to disputes to consider using mediation as a means of resolving them;
  • provides that a court may, on its own initiative or on the initiative of the parties invite the parties to consider mediation as a means of resolving the dispute;
  • contains general principles for the conduct of mediation by qualified mediators;
  • provides that communications between parties during mediation shall be confidential;
  • provides for the possible future establishment of a Mediation Council to oversee development of the sector;
  • provides for the introduction of codes of practice for the conduct of mediation by qualified mediators.


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